Out and about in Todmorden

This morning, I've been out and about in Todmorden with some local Liberal Democrats including Council Leader Janet Battye, council candidate Olwen Jennings and local activists Michael Taylor* and Chris Baksa. I was born and grew up in Todmorden, so I know a few people there : )

First stop was the Methodist central hall coffee morning, where my former primary school teacher the delightful Betty Crabtree (whom I always knew as "Mrs Crabtree" of course) was serving up tea and coffee to visitors. I remember her being much taller than me, but then again she taught me from ages 3-5, so I was a bit shorter then : )

I visited the markets picking up some some locally made creamy Lancashire cheese (it's the best Lancashire cheese going and great for cheese on toast) at the Crumbly Cheese on the inside market, and some fresh figs from the fruit and veg stall on the outside market.

It was then time to pop in to the Age UK Todmorden open day. Having worked closely with Age UK in the past (during my time at ILC-UK), it's always great to see the wide range of services and assistance they offer to older people and their families. However, people are not always aware of the help they can get, so open days are a good way to spread the word (and there was tea and cake on offer too).

After a quick lunch, it will soon be time for some canvassing; wonder how many voters I'll meet that I know?

* Also known as my Dad : )
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