Living in Leeds tip please!

As you may have understand from previous blog posts/my tweets*, I have recently moved back to Yorkshire, Leeds to be precise. It was an obvious choice for me as I'm a city girl, I went to university in Leeds, and the city is very well connected for getting around the region and for getting to Brussels on the train** (it took me only 5 hours to get from Brussels to Leeds last Wednesday; impressive isn't it?). However, as I graduated from university in Leeds in 1997 (!), the city has changed a bit since then, so I'm quite out of date as to where to go/what to do. 

I'm therefore in need of a few local tips and thought that perhaps some Leeds residents might read my blog and feel kind enough to pass on their tips. In particular, I'd appreciate recommendations on:
  • A good hairdresser that doesn't charge £100 for a cut and blow dry
  • A friendly running club that meets/runs in places accessible to someone without a car
  • An astanga yoga class
  • An osteopath
  • A bike shop that sells all the gadgets a keen bike commuter might need and does repairs at a reasonable price
  • A bakery that bakes its own fresh rye and/or spelt bread
  • Any restaurant doing gluten free pizza

Of course any other Leeds recommendations are welcome! 

* You can follow me on Twitter via @RTaylor_MEP

** Yes I know it's possible to fly directly from Leeds-Bradford to Brussels, but I don't like flying short-haul because of the carbon footprint, and all the faffing around getting to the airport, checking in, getting your shampoo confiscated because it's 10ml too much etc etc. Due to high speed rail connections, travelling from Leeds to Brussels by train isn't that much slower than flying and is a more productive way to travel (unlike flying you can get tons of work done on a train) . I also think (not everyone shares my opinion) that it's a nicer way to travel : )
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