My Work in Parliament

In the European Parliament, I  am a Member of two Committees; the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI), and the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI)

On the Legal Affairs Committee I cover issues such as Data Protection, Transparency in Accounting, Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Procurement.

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On the Environment Committee, I focus on health dossiers, including the Clinical Trials Regulation, the Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulations and the Tobacco Products Directive.

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Tobacco Products Directive transparency

As a member of the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee and a substitute member of the Environment and Public Health (ENVI) Committee, I will be following the Proposal for a Revision of the Tobacco Products Directive over the coming months.  In order to have as sound an understanding as possible of the provisions and their potential implications, I will be accepting invitations to meet with many different stakeholders, which may on occasions include tobacco companies and other affiliated industries.

The World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control requires policy makers to be as transparent as possible when meeting with representatives of the tobacco industry and other affiliated companies, and so details of all such meetings will be published below. In the interests of balance, I am also including details of meetings with all stakeholders on the tobacco directive.

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12/03/13, Weidenhammer packaging manufacturer,   Strasbourg Parliament, 40 minutes

– Cylindrical metal containers  in the scope of the Directive

13/03/2013, Ben Townsend, Japan Tobacco Intl.,  Strasbourg Parliament, 30 minutes

– Packaging; possibilities of a rise in illicit trade; legal aspects of the Directive

19/03/13, NJOY E-Cigarettes, Brussels Parliament, 30 minutes

– the regulation of E-Cigarettes in the Tobacco Products Directive

10/04/13, David Bowe from PANDIC (on behalf of Philip Morris Intl.), Brussels Parliament, 30 minutes

– Delegated acts and e-cigarettes in the Tobacco Products Directive

10/04/13, Rachel Earle and Rebecca Veazey (British Heart Foundation), Brussels Parliament, 25 minutes

– E-cigarette regulation and packaging issues

10/04/13, Katherine Devlin (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association), phone call, 30 minutes

– E-cigarette regulation

11/04/13, Charles  Hamshaw -Thomas (Elites), phone call, 30 minutes

– E-cigarette regulation

12/04/13, David Dorn (E-cigarette consumer), phone call, 30 minutes

– E-cigarette regulation

16/04/13, Philippe Ragot (SWM Cigarette Papers), Strasbourg Parliament, 30 minutes

– Reconstituted tobacco

17/04/13, Paula Birch (Parkside Flexibles Europe), Strasbourg Parliament, 20 minutes

– Cigarette packaging changes

17/04/13, Katherine Develin (ECITA), Strasbourg Parliament, 30 minutes

– ECITA Industry Standard of Excellence

22/04/12, Jeremy Mean, MHRA, MHRA Offices London, 1 hour 

– Medicinal regulation of e-cigarettes

23/04/13, Philippe Ragot (SWM Cigarette Papers), Brussels Parliament, 30 minutes

– Translation issues, reconstituted tobacco, technical innovation

23/04/13, Charles  Hamshaw -Thomas (Elites), Brussels Parliament, 30 minutes

– Creating a distinct framework for the regulation of e-cigarettes

23/04/13, Tobacco Vapour Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA) , Brussels Parliament, 1 hour

– Regulating e-cigarettes as tobacco products

29/04/13, David Dorn and Professor Gerry Stimson, Conference Call, 1 hour

– Regulation of e-cigarettes

29/04/13, European Smokeless Tobacco Council, European Parliament Brussels, 30 mins

– Smokeless tobacco products

03/05/13, Imperial Tobacco, European Parliament, Brussels, 30 mins

– Packaging, unit quantities, flavourings

09/05/13, Meeting with Pippa Powell, European Lung Foundation (plus Brussels colleagues via telephone), Sheffield, 30minutes)

22/05/13, British American Tobacco, European Parliament, Strasbourg, 20 mins

– Legal challenges to the TPD

4/06/13, Robert Delis, British Medical Association, European Parliament, Brussels, 20 mins

– UK view on plain packaging and e-cigarette regulation.

5/06/12, Alexandra Iliopoulou, International Chamber of Commerce, European Parliament in Brussels, 20 mins

– Counterfeiting and piracy in the tobacco market.

4/07/2013, Call with Lee McGill. Department of Health tobacco control policy manager, 30 minutes

– General TPD

29/08/13, Conference call with Clive Bates, representatives of ECITA, TVECA, and Chris Davies MEP, 1 hour

– E-cigarette plenary amendment

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