GE2017: Theresa May promises to make the UK weak and unstable

Tory(kip) PM Theresa May is preparing to throw the country off a cliff to save her political career and she doesn't care if that makes the country weak and unstable as long as she's still in charge. 

Whatever you think of Mrs May, she's not stupid. This means she's already realised that there is no Brexit deal that anyone could negotiate that would simultaneously be workable (as in least damaging) for the UK and acceptable to the hard core Brexiters in the Tory(kip) party and tabloid press, upon whose support she depends. 

And it won't be "anyone" negotiating it will be David "there is no downside to Brexit" Davis, or Mrs May herself, who has energetically been creating false battles between the UK and the EU in a nakedly political attempt to paint herself as "standing up for Britain". I am of course assuming that even May is not suicidal enough to let Fox or Johnson anywhere near the negotiating table, but I could be wrong... In any case, this doesn't bode well for negotiations even if we had a crack team of negotiators who actually knew what they were doing.

So instead, May and her Brexidiot ministers been preparing the ground for Brexit talks to "fail" and of course to blame the EU (see twitter thread from March this year below):

This is why Brexiters have gone from insisting that "the EU needs us more than we need them" to "no deal would be fine". The latter being something that wasn't so much as hinted at during the EUref campaign. It's also a paradigm shift, but only political geeks like me seem to have noticed. If the EU needed us more than we needed them, no deal simply couldn't happen because the EU wouldn't be able to afford to let it happen. So the Torykip Brexiters are contradicting themselves.

Life long leave campaigner Pete North says no deal with the EU (i.e fall back on WTO rules) is "the worst deal for Brexiters" and refers to it as "Armageddon Brexit". He even says that a WTO rules hard Brexit would be so awful that it would lead to the Tories being kicked out of power and replaced by a Remain inclined government, which would seek to rejoin the EU, but from the position of being "the far weaker party with zero leverage". That might sound OK to those who like me would prefer the UK to remain in the EU, but that's only if you don't mind the horrible impact an Armageddon Brexit would have on real people's lives and I for one do not want that at all!

So, the future of our great country is at stake in the upcoming General Election even more than many of us perhaps thought. It is vital to defeat as many Tories as possible and elect a decent slate of opposition MPs (I would of course prioritise LibDems!)  to hold the next government to account and stop Mrs May making the country weak and unstable for many years to come.

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