International Women’s Day

This week is International Women's Day and activities are going on all over the UK and the world. 

International Women's Day seeks to celebrate the achievements of women and promote the role of women in business and society. Despite progress women are still more likely to earn less than their male colleagues, be victims of violence including domestic and sexual violence and less likely to be on the boards of companies, in high public office or elected to parliaments. Gender equality is an ongoing battle. 

I went to a great IWD event yesterday in the House of Lords organised by the International Longevity Centre UK . ILC-UK is a think-tank that undertakes research and develops policy in the areas of ageing, longevity and demographic change. For reasons of transparency, I should say that I used to work for ILC-UK : )

The event launched a book of short essays on the topic "Has the Sisterhood forgotten older women?". The essays were written by a wide range of men and women including academics, journalists, parliamentarians, business and charity leaders. 

Several of the contributors to the book spoke at the event and among other points they mentioned the invisibility of older women in the media, pensioner poverty among women, the challenges of dementia, the positive role of grandmothers in development and discrimination of older gay women in care homes by their straight peers. 

For more information on the book or to download an electronic copy, please go to:

I am currently at Liberal Democrat party conference in Brighton and our conference rally tonight is dedicated to International Women's Day and I'll be heading there shortly!

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