Rebecca Taylor: Greater corporate transparency on the way thanks to the EU

Rebecca Taylor, Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, has successfully pushed through measures that will lead to better transparency for large companies.

The European Parliament adopted rules that will require around 6000 large companies across Europe to report on the environmental and social impact their activities have.

Liberal Democrat MEP Rebecca Taylor who led negotiations for the Liberal group on the proposal, said,

“This vote is a unique opportunity when it comes to improving the accountability and transparency of large businesses in Europe, and I am pleased to have played a part in making it a reality”

“For those companies who already report on their impact on society, non-financial reporting has proven to contribute greatly to their long term success”

“However, this is only a start, and even though the final text is not as ambitious as I had hoped, I firmly believe that it will help investors and consumers better assess large businesses, which can affect their long term success”.

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