Business say: EU boosts UK trade

The campaign to protect jobs in the region, led by two Liberal Democrat MEPs, Edward McMillan-Scott and Rebecca Taylor, is gaining ground as two major employers in our region, BAE and Tata Steel, made the case for the UK’s continued membership of the EU.  Both have stated that Britain’s membership is an important factor in their future success.

In a submission to the government’s review of Britain’s relationship with the EU, both Tata Steel and BAE became the latest in a long line of major employers to warn of the dangers of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.   This follows similar statements from the likes of Nissan, BT, Ford, Hitatchi and Honda.

Tata said, “In revenue terms approximately 50% of the steel Tata Steel produces in the UK is sold into continental Europe.

“As the largest single market in the world, the EU has a strong bargaining position in trade negotiations. Conversely, on its own, as a relatively small market, the UK would not be as attractive for third countries to negotiate with and would not have the same bargaining power.

Likewise, BAE’s submission said, “Generally, we consider that the UK achieves much greater global influence by acting as part of a bloc and that the UK has been particularly successful in influencing the direction and content of EU trade policies.”

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, commented: “More and more the business world is coming out in support of Britain’s continued membership of the EU.  They understand that so many jobs and businesses depend on the benefits of being in the European Union bring.  When the economy is starting to turn the corner here, the last thing we need to do now is put that at risk.  That is why the Liberal Democrats are campaigning in this May’s elections as the party of In.”

Also commenting, Rebecca Taylor MEP added, “Britain is a much more attractive destination for companies looking to invest in by being part of the EU.  Many thousands of jobs in Yorkshire and the Humber rely on the UK staying in the EU and having access to the world’s biggest Single Market, which opens up trade opportunities for local businesses. We cannot take a risk with Britain’s economic future by pulling out, as the likes of UKIP and increasingly many Tories would have us do. ”


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