Yorkshire’s Lib Dem MEPs welcome EU budget deal as a boost for business in Britain

Yorkshire and the Humber’s Lib Dem MEPs, Edward McMillan-Scott and Rebecca Taylor welcomed the vote to approve the EU’s long-term budget.  The budget plans were agreed by an overwhelming majority of MEPs.

There will be investments in jobs and research, while also an overall cut in the size of budget by £30billion (6%) on the current one for 2007-13.

Liberal Democrat MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott commented:

“It is right that as the party of In, the Liberal Democrats have been consistent in arguing for a smaller, more efficient EU budget, one that is more targeted towards creating jobs and growth. That is exactly what this deal achieves, thanks to the Liberal Democrats.

“Most importantly, European funding will now focus more on areas where it adds real value such as infrastructure and support for local businesses – helping to create new jobs right across Europe.

Also commenting, Rebecca Taylor added,

“It is good news that the European Parliament is able to both cut the budget, while also committing to funding crucial programmes, such as £8 billion to be spent on tackling youth unemployment and new jobs across the UK. Since 2007 the European Social Fund has helped 357,000 people up and down the country back into work; this new funding will help hundreds of thousands more.  This shows the EU can be reformed and work in Britain’s interests.


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