What role for youth in the future?


Rebecca Taylor, Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, last week led a forum on the role of young people in the future of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals after 2015.  

The seminar featured an expert panel, including the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy and the Secretary General of the European Youth Forum. The event was also very well attended by young people representing various other youth organisations, keeping the panellists on their toes with numerous challenging and thought provoking comments and questions.

Commenting after the event Rebecca Taylor said,

“It was really pleasing that this group of people were able to come together and discuss the future of these important targets.  The goals are all about making sure that lives are improved for so many vulnerable people around the world.  It is through proper international cooperation that a lasting difference can be made.  That is what being in the European Union is all about.”

Supporting the involvement of young people and youth organisations, Rebecca added,

“I am a big believer in recognising the talents and potential that everybody has to offer.  It is only right that young people are involved in helping shape the future aims for this work.”

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