Essay Competition!

Please find below an advert for an essay writing competition I recently sent around local universities. The competition is open to undergraduates from Universities in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.


Write an essay and get work experience at the European Parliament!


Rebecca Taylor, Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber is offering undergraduate students the opportunity to gain work experience in an MEP’s office, including a week long visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. Learn how the fast moving world of politics really works by shadowing different members of Rebecca’s team and visiting the European Parliament to see first hand what really happens.  


Too many internships and work experience schemes are based around who-you-know rather than what-you-know, which shuts out good candidates without such connections. I want to offer students a valuable work experience opportunity in the European Parliament, based on their essay-writing skills, not who they know. This opportunity is open to any undergraduate student in any university in the Yorkshire and Humber region. 


Travel, accommodation (in Brussels) and subsistence costs will be covered, so it won’t cost you anything. All you have to do is write a short-essay on the topic below, and be available for a couple of weeks over the summer break to undertake initial work experience at

Rebecca’s constituency office in Kingston-upon-Hull. 


In 1000 words, answer the following question;


Is increasing support for Eurosceptic parties in Europe a sign of rising anti-EU sentiment or populism in tough economic times?


Please send submissions to with your name, email address, contact telephone number, and a short paragraph telling us a little bit about yourself.


The closing date for submissions is 17/06/2013


We will contact the winner before 01/07/2013


The visit to the European Parliament in Brussels will take place the week of 23rd – 27th September. Accommodation will be provided at a bed & breakfast close to the Parliament. Travel to/from Brussels will be paid for in advance. It may be necessary to be present at a specific location on Monday 23rd September to travel to Brussels. 


The trip to Brussels would be contingent on you undertaking initial work experience for a couple of weeks (to be agreed with student) during the summer break at the constituency office in Kingston-upon-Hull. 

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