Letter to the Yorkshire Post: EU investment in University research

Rebecca Taylor and Edward McMillan-Scott sent the following letter to the Yorkshire Post.



As EU budgets make the headlines again, last week we, and our fellow Liberal Democrat Euros MPs, demanded more investment from the EU in research and development and a cut in spending on wasteful farm subsidies and Parliament administration.

In the last few years the UK has received £3.73 billion in science funding from the EU and in the last few weeks British researches across the UK received £21.7 million for research into cures for rare diseases.  Meanwhile, here in the Yorkshire and Humber region, millions of pounds of EU funding has supported cutting edge scientific projects at our universities.

Recognising tough economic times, Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament have backed a cut in the overall size of the EU budget, but we are fighting hard to make sure that the budget prioritises investment in growth and jobs. In particular, we want to make sure that adequate funding is available for vital investment in research and innovation, which contributes so much to our region, and to Britain’s, future growth and prosperity.


Edward McMillan-Scott MEP and Rebecca Taylor MEP

Liberal Democrat

Yorkshire and the Humber

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