letter to the paper – ban on cosmetic items tested on animals

The following letter has been sent on behalf of both Rebecca Taylor MEP and Edward McMillan-Scott MEP to newspapers in the region.


Dear Sir,

As of 11th March 2013 the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals has been banned across the whole of the European Union. While testing on animals was already banned in the UK in 1997 and across the EU in 2004, products with ingredients tested on animals could still be imported from outside the EU. We are pleased that this loophole has now been closed so that shops here will no longer be able to stock such products and shoppers when they buy cosmetics that no animals have suffered.

This has been a matter that Liberal Democrats have long campaigned on. Our parliamentary colleague, Chris Davies MEP, helped to bring about changes to the law a decade ago. This latest development is a major step forward. There is no reason in the 21st century why products still need to be tested on animals, just to develop the latest lipstick or shampoo, particularly when there are thousands of existing cosmetic ingredients already officially recognised as safe.

Of course, this latest change does not stop testing cosmetic products on animals everywhere.

Hopefully, though, the EU ban will now lead to wider global efforts to stop this cruel and
indefensible practice.


Edward McMillan-Scott MEP Rebecca Taylor MEP

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