Rebecca Taylor praises the work of Yorkshire Water

Rebecca Taylor has written to praise the work of Yorkshire Water, as they seek to prevent further damage to blanket bog in Yorkshire, while protecting the quality of the water supply in the area.


The text of the letter is below.



Dear sir or Madam,


I am very pleased to hear of the efforts of Yorkshire Water to restore and protect blanket bog in the South Pennine Moors area.  The project will see the restoration of bare and eroding peat, with many benefits all round.   Firstly there are of course the improvements to the countryside itself, which has unfortunately suffered much degradation over the years.  This in turn will help the wildlife in the area as the blanket bogs are home to many important birds including the whinchat, merlin, short eared owl and curlew.

One of the greatest benefits for local residents, though, will be that this work will also help keep the water supplies in the area cleaner, as it will help prevent peat getting into reservoirs.  This is good news for all concerned.  On the subject of water, there are concerns that the constant degradation of blanket bog has increased the risk of flooding for nearby towns and villages.  Anything to help turn the tide in the other direction can only be a good thing!

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Taylor MEP

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