Yorkshire Lib Dem MEPs welcome move to end wasteful fish discards

Lib Dem MEPs for Yorkshire and the Humber, Edward McMillan-Scott and Rebecca Taylor, have welcomed the European Parliament vote in favour of measures to end fish discards and overfishing and rebuild Europe’s fish stocks.

The European Parliament overwhelmingly endorsed the proposals, which Liberal Democrats have been campaigning on for many years.

Commenting after the vote Edward McMillan-Scott MEP said,

“This is a good day for all involved in the fishing industry, those of us who eat fish,  as well as the fish themselves.  I am glad that these vital proposals have been endorsed by my European Parliament colleagues.”

Supporting this call, Rebecca Taylor MEP added.

“This was the right decision by the European Parliament.  The wasteful practice of fish discards will now come to an end. This is good news for Europe and for the UK; it is a shame that UKIP did not vote in favour of these plans.”


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