Cameron threatens jobs and investment in Yorkshire with EU speculation

Rebecca Taylor, Lib Dem Euro-MP for Yorkshire, has stated that David Cameron’s stance on Britain’s relationship with the EU puts thousands of jobs and investment at risk in the UK.
Rebecca Taylor said, “3.5 million jobs in the UK including many in Yorkshire depend on Britain’s membership of the EU. In recent months increasing talk about a possible British EU exit is already creating uncertainty and making businesses think twice about investing in the UK. Mr Cameron’s speech is a desperate attempt to please the Euro-sceptic wing of the Tory party, rather than an attempt to outline a British vision for the EU, which would help bring jobs and investment to a region like Yorkshire”
Rebecca is firmly of the view that the Prime Minister should be more concerned about jobs and investment in the UK than with the Tory party’s internal battle between the Eurosceptics and the Pro-EU camp, which include big hitters such as Lord Heseltine.

Commenting Rebecca said, “When looking to invest why would a major firm prefer Leeds over Leipzig or Hull over Hannover if  there was a danger that Britain would end up on the fringes of Europe?”

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