Rebecca Taylor MEP condemns EU budget increase

Liberal Democrat Euro-MP Rebecca Taylor has criticised the recent vote of the European Parliament  which backed an above inflation increase for the EU budget.  The parliament voted for a 6.8% increase of the 2013 EU budget.  Rebecca Taylor  voted against this increase because she believes the budget should increase only in line with inflation.

Commenting on the vote, Rebecca Taylor said,

“Across Europe governments are cutting spending, just as here in the UK.   It is only right that when there is such pressure on domestic finances, the EU plays its part too.  The Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament voted against the 6.8% increase in the 2013 budget believing instead that the budget should be frozen.

Lib Dem MEPs did welcome the agreement to freeze MEP allowances and cut MEP travel expenditure by 5%.

Rebecca further commented,

“What the EU needs to focus on is playing its part in tackling the major challenges facing Europe.  It needs to be both mindful of the hard financial realities facing nations and citizens while also prioritising the much needed support for jobs and growth.”



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