Yorkshire Lib Dem MEP learns more about local Euro business success story

Rebecca Taylor, Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire, has used the Liberal Democrat party conference to meet with York based company, Yatterbox.  Rebecca was keen to speak to Yatterbox founder, Matt Freckelton, who set up the company following a grant from the European Union.


Yatterbox is a political monitoring company that tracks in realtime every single UK MP across every social media account they use. By collecting the data, it allows users of the service to view it all in a single online platform.  As the business moves from strength to strength, Rebecca wanted to hear from them about how young people in Yorkshire can start their own businesses. She also wanted to hear Matt’s advice on how best young entrepreneurs can use EU funding.


Commenting on the meeting Rebecca Taylor said,


“I am really pleased with the success of the company.  This is a business that has found a valuable link between social media and politics. It is also great to hear how the EU has helped business in Yorkshire. The EU grant allowed Matt’s start-up company to grow from  one idea dreamed up in his University dorm-room, to become a business success.  There will be many more opportunities for residents in  Yorkshire over the years to come and I am determined to help them grab  them.”



For more information please see the following link


Anyone interested in the opportunities available via EU funding should contact Rebecca’s office at office@rebeccataylor.eu

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