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Rebecca Taylor, Euro-MP for Yorkshire and the Humber is calling on local councils to let the public know what is happening with their waste.  Rebecca has signed the Resource Association’s ’End Destinations of recycling charter’, which calls for more information to be made available to residents about what happens to the recycling they put out for collection.

The Resource Association wants local authorities and companies to publish an annual register of what happens to its recyclables.

Commenting on the campaign, Rebecca said,

“While I am keen to see more recycling take place across the region, it is also the case that the public should know what happens to their recycling.  There are too many horror stories about what does happen to our rubbish.  It is important that we can have the confidence that our recyclables are put to good use and don’t end up in landfill.  I am urging local councils across the region to sign up to the charter and play their part.  I am pleased the Resource Association are fighting this campaign and am happy to be signed up to it.”

The Resource Association, a leading body in the recycling field, commissioned a YouGov survey that showed a public interest in what happens to the recycling.  It said 73 per cent of adults quizzed did not know where the waste ended up, with 68 per cent saying they would like more information.

Ray Georgeson, chief executive of the Resource Association, believes companies will benefit by signing up to the charter.  He said:

“We are pleased to welcome Rebecca as a signatory to the charter.  I am pleased to know Rebecca will be raising this issue across the Yorkshire and the Humber area. Our aim is for greater transparency and improved public information that will generate confidence in the recycling industry and how local councils account for recycling collected in their name.  This can only be good for the industry and encourage people to recycle more, confident the materials are put to good use.”


Note to editors:

Find out more about the charter and the Resource Association by logging on at http://resourceassociation.com/support-end-destination-recycling-charter

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