Lib Dem MEP meets with Fire chiefs to discuss floods

Rebecca Taylor, Lib Dem Euro-MP for Yorkshire, has met with Fire chiefs from South Yorkshire to discuss the recurring problems of flooding in the area. Rebecca was keen to find out from the Fire service what they believe needs to happen to prevent or minimise the impact of such events in the future, and to ask their input on a European Union proposal for better disaster cooperation among EU countries.

There was even some minor flooding in Sheffield last weekend, which is the latest in a number of incidents across the Yorkshire region in the last few months. The Met Office has said 2012 is likely to be the second wettest summer on record.

Rebecca Taylor is working in the European Parliament on a proposal to improve disaster cooperation between EU countries, which would include when serious flooding occurs. This would mean the UK would be better able to call on the assistance of other EU countries when needed.  As part of this Rebecca is pushing for governments and local authorities to be better prepared for emergencies.

Following the meeting Rebecca said, “While it is up to organisations here in the UK, such as local councils and the emergency services, to take a lead when natural or manmade disasters occur, I am keen to use the influence I have as an MEP to improve European cooperation in this area. I saw the devastating impact of the flooding on many residents this Summer and want to see action at all levels to prevent floods or minimise their impact in the future.  I was pleased to hear from the Fire service what ideas they had and will be seeking to put these to good use”.



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