Rebecca Taylor meets ‘Ban the Burn’ campaigners

Lib Dem Euro-MP, Rebecca Taylor, has met with local campaigners who are fighting to stop the practice of moorland bog-burning.  The activists raised their concerns with Rebecca, which ranged from the impact on the environment, the loss of valuable peat and the potential increased risk of flooding.

Rebecca, who comes from the Calder Valley, was keen to hear from the activists about their fears.  This was done on the moorland itself, so that Rebecca could see first-hand the impact of draining and burning on the bog.

Rebecca commented on the visit,

“As someone who comes from the area I know for myself the need for the countryside to be properly maintained.  We have seen for ourselves the devastating impact of flooding in the Calder Valley.  If burning the bog is making this situation worse, then there are serious questions to answer.  I will be looking further into this issue to see if there have been any breaches  of the law.   I am glad to have been given the opportunity to see for myself the changes that are taking place.”

Rebecca was accompanied on the visit by local environmental activists Dongria Kondh and Keith Wilson, part of the ‘Ban the Burn’ campaign group. The group was launched to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season.




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