Lib Dem MEPs press Commission for answers on olive oil regulation

Lib Dem MEPs have demanded an explanation from the European Commission regarding the decision to ban reusable olive oil dishes in restaurants, and will be tabling a series of parliamentary questions to get the bottom of the matter.

George Lyon MEP, Liberal Democrat European agriculture spokesperson, commented:

“At a time when the focus should be on promoting jobs and growth, this latest decision from the Council and European Commission really beggars belief. Banning reusable olive oil jugs would place an unnecessary burden on restaurants and potentially drive up prices for customers.”

“It now falls to the Commission to justify the reasoning behind this daft proposal and explain exactly how it would be enforced.”

Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat European spokesperson on environmental affairs, added:

“The Commission claims this is about protecting consumers from adulterated oils, but it appears to be more a case of extending an olive branch to producers in Southern Europe. The decision to impose a blanket ban on all reusable containers is a massive overreaction to what is in reality a very minor problem. I am demanding to know what this will mean in practice and what level of flexibility there will be for restaurant owners.”


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